Make life
of your pet

Is your dog suffering from joint problems? Your cat has kidney problems, or maybe your rabbit struggles with flatulence? Would you like to strengthen your horse’s immunity? From birth to old age, your pet’s needs are our primary concern. Providing preventative care and relief from ailments, we create the best products out of concern for our friends. We know that their well-being is your peace of mind and our shared joy.


One of the things we love most about dogs is their natural cheerfulness. However, there are times when dogs, just like humans, experience fear, anxiety ...
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Obesity and overweight are diseases that affect not only humans but also their four-legged friends. A few extra pounds of your pet can have serious ...
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Take care of your pet's health today with DOLFOS PETS formulas

Every pet needs a diet rich in valuable nutrients to develop properly and be healthy. For the love of animals, we have created products that will help you take care of them in the way they undoubtedly deserve!

In doubt about which product to choose for your pet? Contact us!

Our nutritional consultants have many years of experience in contact with clients. Their competences are extremely important to us, which is why we make every effort to continuously develop them. They are specialists in their field and are happy to provide you with information about DOLFOS PETS products and answer any questions you may have!

Polish production

The entire production process is carried out at a single location, ensuring quality control at every stage to achieve the best end product. We respond quickly to our customers' needs. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, products are readily available.

Complex offer

We respond to the needs of all your friends - the bigger and smaller ones - at every stage of their lives.

Safe ingredients

We only use ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy, with a special application for small animals. We only use products from reliable suppliers. All raw materials are tested in our laboratory before being sent for production.

Developed and recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists

Our product formulations are based on years of knowledge and experience of our team of vets and nutritionists. We test our formulas with the help of our private testers - our pets. Our products are known and valued by veterinarians in Poland and abroad.

Tasty, easy to serve

A quick and easy way to administer a dose of health to your pet. Choose the form that is most convenient (tablet, powder, paste, syrup). The attractive taste means that our products are often taken as treats.

Healthier, longer life

We support you with existing health problems and also when you want to reinforce your pet's organism preventively. We want your friend to be happy and joyful, and you to enjoy his or her company for as long as possible.