About us

We are a Polish company, founded by veterinarians, developing a comprehensive range of formulas for companion animals. We have been present on the market for many years, offering top quality products, developed in cooperation with specialists in animal nutrition, veterinarians and technologists.
Love for animals is our passion passed on from generation to generation. Pets are members of our family and their well-being is our priority.

For the production of our formulas we use safe ingredients with effectiveness confirmed by scientific research, which guarantees their maximum absorption: vitamins, macro- and microelements in inorganic and organic forms, amino acids, enzymes, natural extracts, probiotics. Raw materials, which undergo detailed verification in our laboratory, are obtained from renowned suppliers both from Poland and the whole world.

Production takes place in plants equipped with modern production lines, and our professional staff ensures quality through a specialised control system.

An appropriate organisational structure allows for efficient management. We are flexible, react quickly to the needs of our customers and are open to new ideas. Thanks to an extensive network of partners, our products are easily and quickly available.

As a result, the demand for our products is constantly growing and pet owners associate DOLFOS PETS with solving the nutritional and health problems of our pets.
Our products are known and valued by veterinarians, breeders and pet owners not only in Poland, but also abroad.

We want your friend to be healthy and happy so that you can enjoy their company for as long as possible.

President of the Board
Adam Piotrowicz, Veterinary Surgeon

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable products that will enhance your pet's comfort and quality of life. His or her long, joyful life by your side is our priority.

Our goal

Our goal is to maintain the highest quality of production, continuous development based on the needs of our customers and the latest scientific research, as well as customer service based on lasting partnerships.

Quality policy

The priority is to create and maintain a corporate image identified with:

  • reliability and punctuality,
  • innovation,
  • support of scientific units
  • high quality and stability of manufactured products,
  • health safety,
  • readiness to continually meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers.

  • We understand that ensuring product health safety has a major impact on consumer health and strengthening our position in the marketplace. Therefore, we eliminate potential and actual health risks through hazard analysis, identification and monitoring of Critical Control Points, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
    We intend to implement our policy by achieving the following strategic objectives:

  • constant concern about quality and safety of products,
  • introducing innovative solutions in the field of animal nutrition,
  • improvement of infrastructure resources,
  • strengthening the company’s position in the market,
  • improvement of work organization as well as increasing the pro-quality awareness of employees and continuous improvement of their qualifications,
  • constant concern for health and safety at work and the environment.

  • Our Quality Policy has been formulated with direct input from management to ensure that it is understood and aligned with appropriate levels of the organization. I oblige all employees of the company to make every effort to implement the Quality Policy and the quality objectives developed on its basis, the execution of which will be systematically supervised during internal audits and management reviews.